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If you are a CEO or business owner, you know better than most: Time is money. That’s especially the case for smaller businesses who may not have a permanent human resources manager on staff.

Recruiting, hiring and training can eat up time better spent building your business.

That’s why staffing services like those provided by AtWork franchises can be a blessing for business leaders: They’ll save time, and that will help your bottom line.

There are other definitive money-saving perks and benefits associated with the use of a staffing agency. Here’s a look at a few of the key ways staffing franchises can save your business big bucks in the long run:

-Temporary staff can enable you to bring in staff to meet your greatest needs at the necessary time, ensuring prolonged productivity and eliminating on-the-job downtime between projects. That’s an obvious money-saver. As AtWork Group COO Jason Leverant told Business News Daily: “The flexibility (of using a staffing agency) became the primary driver in the push to bring on a workforce that can adapt with the ebb and flow of a client’s business demands.”

-Staffing firms are generally responsible for the conduct and liability demands of a temporary staffer, including insurance, workers compensation and payroll taxes. Again, this negates a company’s need for a human-resources staff member.

-Staffing franchises handle job postings and recruiting on multiple fronts, eliminating the time and money spent on posting your positions on myriad job sites. They also know which sites yield the best results. Some job postings can exceed $100 each – and are only active for a limited time.

-Background checks and drug tests can be an expensive part of the individual hiring process. Staffing agencies can leverage their volume and absorb this cost.

-Staffing agencies also maintain databases of prospective employees, tailored to your employment needs. This means positions can be filled more more quickly than through individual company recruiting – meaning you don’t have to turn down any work that may come your company’s way for want of qualified workers.

Speak with an AtWork staffing specialist today for more concrete ways we can save your company time – and most importantly – and money.

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