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Millions of teenagers and young adults are looking forward to no more teachers, and no more books – but they are also looking forward to a regular summer paycheck.

This pool of potential employees can help many staffing franchises bolster their clients’ seasonal staff during the summer months, when demand for employees in some industries spikes by 100 percent.

In some industries, the spike is predictable – recreational facilities and summer camps – but some demands are not that intuitive.

Staffing needs at medical clinics can increase, for instance, because of demand for physicals, inoculations and vaccines ahead of school and summer travel. Some companies begin planning next year’s budgets during the summer, so more clerical workers and temporary writers are needed. Insurance companies begin beefing up staff as open enrollment periods approach.

Whatever your industry, and whatever your needs, AtWork franchises can help fill the summer void.

Here are five quick tips for success:
1. Start advertising positions now. As the economy continues to shake off the doldrums of the Great Recession, staffing demands may outstrip supplies. Students, young adults and others seeking to bolster their income in the summer months are already looking for work. Reach out to those who have already worked for you or qualified applicants who have already contacted you.
2. Anticipate your clients’ needs. Country clubs may need more labor; ski resorts, not so much (though some now offer year-round attractions).
3. Utilize college job-placement and job-posting services, but keep in mind that many retirees often want a part-time job to boost their income. Understand the generational differences, and adjust your pitches and job notices accordingly.
4. Streamline your online application process to get people in the door quickly for interviews. Remember, the seasonal nature of the work, by definition, means you are going to have to train your recruits quickly and efficiently. Don’t exceed the boundaries of your human-resources strategy, but the part-time nature of the work means there will be differences in training, acclimation and benefits.
5. Despite their temporary nature, seasonal workers are entitled to the same safety, harassment and discrimination policies as their full-time counterparts. Ensure you can find the right staff for your clients, but do not stray from best practices as that can open your client to legal problems.

AtWork Group will provide you with the tools you need to fill your client’s summertime employee pool.

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