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Staffing agencies like AtWork have placed thousands of workers in temporary or temp-to-hire positions.
During the Great Recession, staffing agencies led the way in job placement.

For whatever reason, myths persist that temporary or temp-to-hire jobs are a move only for the desperately unemployed. Quite the contrary: Temp or temp-to-hire jobs can be parlayed into permanent positions with full benefits. Many employers look at a temporary position as an extended tryout for a permanent job.

We decided it’s a prime time to debunk a few myths about the temporary or temp-to-hire industry.

Myth: Temp workers may be trapped in nonpermanent positions.
Reality: Many times, temp jobs can be considered an extended tryout for a permanent position. Given the low unemployment rates across the country, the chances for parlaying a temporary job into a permanent position are better than ever.
Myth: Temporary work is part-time.
Reality: More than 80 percent of temporary or temp-to-hire jobs are full-time. While some contract work does allow for fewer weekly hours, the vast majority are bona fide full-time jobs.
Myth: Temporary jobs prevent the search for permanent, full-time work.
Reality: All job searches take time. You may need to readjust your job-hunting schedule, but that is no different than searching for a full-time job while already employed. After all, it’s easier to find a job while you have a job.
Myth: Temporary or temp-to-hire jobs are a last resort after failed job searches.
Reality: A temporary job can actually help you find a better job because it buys you time – presuming you aren’t promoted to full-time following your temporary stint. A temporary gig can also prevent lengthy gaps in your employment history. Such gaps can be an occasional cause for concern for prospective employers or hiring managers.
Myth: Temporary jobs are largely low-wage, entry-level positions.
Reality: Staffing agencies like AtWork place workers of all skill levels into a vast array of jobs. Even doctors and other highly-educated people are increasingly utilized by staffing agencies.

Like any job, and like life, a temporary or temp-to-hire position is largely what you make it.
But make sure you separate fact from fiction before drawing any conclusions about the world of staffing agencies or temp-to-hire jobs.
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