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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?
Probably not as weird as these true stories of bizarre behavior during job interviews.

From temp-to-hire and temporary staffing agencies to the workaday full-time corporate world, many hiring managers have had their mettle tested by odd job interviews. Hang on to your hat – here’s a sampling from multiple sources (from the Internet, so don’t take these as gospel):

• One hiring manager asked a candidate during an interview the standard “what’s your worst quality?” question. The response: “I’m unreliable.” She didn’t get the job.

• A prospective employee walked in for an interview accompanied by a golden retriever. The dog settled in under the manager’s desk and the interview proceeded uninterrupted. Finally, the interviewer was forced to ask why the candidate thought it appropriate to bring his dog to an interview. The candidate responded: “I thought it was your dog!” The pooch had wandered in off the street.

• One manager took a candidate out for a customary chat over dinner, and the candidate ordered enough food for multiple people and then requested doggie bags when the dinner concluded.

• A candidate showed up 40 minutes early for an interview. He was clearly extremely nervous, and vomited all over the conference room table the hiring team was assembled around. He was called back, however, because he was among the better candidates.

• A man was interviewing for a position at a police academy when the hiring manager asked whether he had a history of drug use. Had he ever smoked marijuana? The candidate’s response: “A couple of times in college.” Ever done cocaine? “A little while ago in the parking lot to steady my nerves.” That was the end of the interview.

• A woman shows up for an interview acting strangely. Police show up and ask whose damaged vehicle is in the parking lot. The candidate runs for the bathroom and the police escort her out to the vehicle where they find a half bottle of vodka and pills. The intoxicated woman had struck a car while on her to way to the interview. She didn’t get the job.

Remember, other people’s mistakes can be a learning experience for yourself. So, to recap some lessons learned: Show up for the interview sober; don’t stock up on food at an interview dinner; and refrain from vomiting on the conference room table.

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