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If you are in the market for a temporary or temp-to-hire job, you probably have one burning question if you get your feet in the door for an interview at a staffing agency: Will this temporary position lead to full-time work?

The short answer you’re likely to receive: Yes — If you work hard and are a good fit for the company.

More and more companies are looking for temporary help. Nearly half of all hiring this year is projected to be for temporary jobs, typically secured through a staffing agency like AtWork.

The reasons vary, but some companies like to put potential permanent hires through a test run – a human beta test, if you will – before bringing them aboard full-time. Companies also like to have some flexibility in their staffing to manage costs or production timelines, especially in the light industrial sectors.

More importantly, more than half of those companies with hiring plans intend to transition temporary or temp-to-hire jobs to permanent positions.

So, if you like the work and company, how do you help ensure your temporary position will lead to permanent work and accompanying benefits like health insurance and retirement plans?
You have to work hard, for starters. But duh. That’s self-evident. Here are five ways to parlay your temp or temp-to-hire job into a career with all its desired accoutrements.

1. Fit in. Attend those company socials. Be attentive, friendly and respectful of your coworkers. And don’t forget your contribution to the company potluck, even if it’s just your Aunt Edna’s bean medley surprise redux.

2. Be reliable. This means being on time and ready to work at the appointed time every day. Yes, traffic is horrible. But it is for everybody. Plan accordingly to get your rear end in that chair on time, every day.

3. Consider it a tryout. This is not an invitation to slack off should you get a permanent gig, but make sure you give that extra effort wherever possible. Underpromise and overdeliver.

4. Make it more than a paycheck. Show genuine interest in your work, and demonstrate a willingness to learn all you can about your industry.

5. Add value. Find little – or big – ways to go the extra mile for your company or its clients.

If you at least follow these basic suggestions, you’ll find a way to parlay that temporary job into something permanent – and permanence has value. You got your foot in the door. Don’t blow it. A new career could be at stake – not just a temporary job.

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