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Once upon a time, employers felt as if they held all the cards in a job search, but those days are now a distant memory. In today’s market, the candidate experience matters more than ever. Many job candidates are becoming more and more willing to ghost employers at any error on your part. Here are a few important aspects of the candidate experience to emphasize in a job search to avoid losing talented candidates:


Salary Transparency

There are many excuses not to disclose a salary range in a job posting, but most of them just don’t hold up. This article offers some great arguments for why many common excuses aren’t good reasons not to mention a salary range. Long story short, if you don’t give candidates an idea of the compensation until after the first or second interview, you run the risk of hurting your reputation by making them feel you wasted their time. Additionally, many talented candidates may just choose not to apply.



You want to avoid getting ghosted by candidates, right? If it’s frustrating for you for a candidate to stop communicating with you, imagine how applicants feel when they’ve spent time interviewing with you just to never hear back! Even if you don’t want to hire someone, they may be the perfect candidate for a future position, and ghosting them now may prevent them (and the people they tell) from ever considering your company again.


Decision Time

Simply put, you can’t afford to sit around and consider candidates for weeks in this market. If you go too long without contacting them about a decision, many candidates you were considering will fall off the radar and get hired by other companies that make decisions more quickly.


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