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Here are six things to avoid during a job interview:

Most people know what TO DO in a job interview: Watch your posture, dress professionally, and ask appropriate questions. But perhaps more important is what NOT to do in an interview. Here is some advice from AtWork, a leading staffing franchise, on what to avoid lest you sink your chance at that new gig we launched you toward.

• Appear boastful. Sure, you want to trumpet your successes at previous jobs, but make it informative, not braggish.
• Trash talk. Don’t speak negatively of former bosses, companies or coworkers. This can suggest you have a chip on your shoulder and can’t roll with the punches everyone receives in the work-a-day world.
• Use your phone. Even a glance at a text can be a kiss of death. Your interviewer has made valuable time for you. You wouldn’t look at or answer your phone on the first date, would you? Well, an initial job interview is just that – a first date. Leave your phone in your car.
• Display ignorance. Always make sure you’ve done your due diligence on the company with which you are interviewing. A little research can go a long way if you are asked the common interview question: “What can you tell me about the company?” Too many “ums” and “uhs” and you may be sunk.
• Be vague. Your prospective employer wants concrete examples of successes you had at previous companies. Don’t just say you increased revenue by 25 percent. Tell them how you did it.
• Lack confidence or enthusiasm. Hiring managers can tell quickly via body language whether you are a confident sort or the right fit for the job. Avoid a weak handshake; look your interviewer in the eye; be bright-eyed and alert. This is especially true if you are hiring for a management position: Interviewers want to know whether you can manage yourself.

Keep these tips in mind and there’s a good chance you’ll nail the interview – after all, you got in the door. Don’t blow it: Follow these interview basics.
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