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The problem, or maybe the beauty, of success in the workplace is that it can be defined in many ways. As Millennials begin to dominate the labor force and older Gen-Z starts working, success has started being redefined. While it once meant large salaries, corner offices, and golf course meetings, workers today are pushing back and prioritizing other things. Ultimately, how you define it is up to you and the company you work for or you and your employees, but here are a few factors that have become prevalent for defining success:


Work with a Purpose

It’s becoming more and more important for employees to feel that they’re working with a purpose. They feel more successful and satisfied when they feel connected to their work or when they can see the difference their work is creating in the company.


Career Development

Career development can mean anything from regularly meeting or surpassing goals and moving forward on a career path to having career growth opportunities like training and course availability or tuition reimbursement.


Flexibility and Satisfaction

Having the flexibility to fit work into their lives in better ways will leave employees feeling more satisfied with both their jobs and their personal lives. When employees feel satisfaction like this, they’re more likely to feel like they’ve reached a level of success that leads to a happier life.


All in all, workplace success is becoming less about fancy job titles and more about happiness and how people’s careers fit into their personal lives. Looking for jobs that understand this trend or motivated employees who want to grow in your company? Visit AtWork.com/Locations to find an office near you!