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The interview… likely the most intimidating part of the job search. Interviews should ideally be conversations, but they can sometimes feel more like interrogations. If you have a job interview coming up, here are some tips to help you calm your nerves and make it feel more like a conversation:


Don’t rush the small talk

After introductions, you may want to rush through the small talk a bit so you can get the interview started and over, but try to avoid this temptation. This time is the perfect opportunity to get a little more comfortable with the interviewer and to bring a bit of personality to your resume. After all, culture fit is important, too. If you have trouble with small talk, you can always quickly scan the interviewer’s office for an item you can compliment or make a comment about. For example, you may end up saying, “Is that a photo of your dog? I have a corgi, too! Aren’t they such funny pets?”


Prepare short stories

When you’re preparing for common questions before the interview, get a few short stories in mind that you can share that you feel show off some of your strengths. Doing so will add depth and context to your answers. It will also give the interviewer a chance to respond to your story instead of crossing the question off the list and moving on.


Ask questions

You probably know by now that you should have a few questions ready to ask the interviewer to show genuine interest in the position. You don’t have to wait until the end to do so either. If your interviewer says something interesting in the middle of the interview, don’t be afraid to follow that up with a question.


These three tips should help create a more comfortable environment for everyone involved in the interview, which will likely allow you to show off the best side of yourself. If you’re ready to go through the job search process and tackle interviews, we’re AtWork for YOU! Visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you.