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Working is usually a fairly serious affair, which means people are typically on their best behavior when it comes to their careers. Although most of us know that interviews don't always go well, when you work in staffing, you know there's no guarantee that the interviews will even be normal.... Here are a couple funny interview stories we've collected throughout the years.


"We once had a lady come in for her interview wearing a SpongeBob robe with matching slippers......At least she matched, right?"


"I had a lady come in one day to apply and interview with us. At the time, her job was to be a sign thrower at Liberty Tax, and the time we scheduled for the interview was apparently right after her shift ended......which meant she showed up still dressed as the Statue of Liberty. I'm not sure how long that shift was, but she was tired enough that she kept falling asleep during the interview. I had to wake her up occasionally to have her answer questions, but eventually, I just had to tell her we wouldn't be a good resource for her...."


Although situations like these can make great stories later, you should probably avoid putting recruiters in these situations when you’re job searching. If you’re still looking for a position, visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you!