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You may have heard that job seekers have more power in today’s tight job market, but it may not feel that way when you’re actually applying for jobs. Technology and the Internet make it easier than ever to apply to several jobs, but that also means it’s easier for employers to get more applicants per job posting. As a result, it can feel discouraging when you’re trying to find ways to get attention amidst all the other resumes, but there are creative ways to use this same technology to your advantage. Here’s a couple of our favorite ideas!


Video Resumes and Cover Letters

Although you’ve probably heard of video resumes/cover letters multiple times by this point, they’re still fairly uncommon and a great way to grab attention. Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media and realized you just spent an hour watching random videos? That’s how powerful video is when done correctly. Keep in mind though that your video does need to be creative and well done. Video for the sake of video is not enough. An example of someone who took this idea and really hit it out of the park is Chase Zreet with this video cover letter.


Google AdWords

Have you ever Googled yourself? Even if people won’t admit it, they probably have, and that’s the source of this idea. According to this article from NPR, Alec Brownstein used just $6 to create an AdWords campaign to land a new position. Basically, Alec simply “identified a handful of ad agencies and creative directors he wanted to work for. Then, he wrote a very short ad and paid for it to appear alongside search results anytime someone Googled those names.” Have you ever heard of someone using this idea? You probably haven’t, which is part of why this idea worked.


If you’re looking for a new job, these are two ways to stand out from the crowd, but you could simply call AtWork instead. We want to be AtWork for YOU and help you find the job you want. To find an office near you, visit atwork.com/locations.