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As technology continues to infiltrate our daily lives and the world around us, it’s important to consider ways to harness technology to improve our daily lives rather than simply add noise. In the past, the hiring process was a long, extended process that involved digging through stacks of paper applications, but with constant technology developments and improvements, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Here are a few ways to use technology to your advantage when it comes to the hiring process.



An obvious method is to implement an ATS, or applicant tracking system. While applicant tracking systems do have their downfalls, they will automatically sort through the applications that come in for your job postings in order to showcase the top candidates for you. This means that you can save time by looking through fewer resumes.


Social Media

With job search features becoming prevalent on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, social media is becoming a powerful tool for both employers and job seekers. Because these sites make it easy to search for job listings, many job seekers will flock here for their job search. As a result, utilizing social media to post jobs will help your ad reach a larger pool of candidates.


Mobile-Friendly Applications

Because so many people use their phones when searching for jobs, whether on social media or somewhere else, job seekers will give preference to employers offering mobile-friendly applications. Top candidates may not be willing to complete an application that’s clunky on mobile, so why not make it as simple as possible for people to apply?


Video Interviews

With services like Skype and Zoom, it’s become easier to combat scheduling and location issues when it comes to interviewing candidates. Whether you’re hiring a remote employee or not, top candidates may have tight schedules that do not allow for travel time to your office, or they may be hoping to relocate upon receiving a job offer. Either way, video interviews are a simple way to have face-to-face communication with candidates.


Of course, you may not have the time or desire to handle hiring yourself, no matter how simple technology makes it. If that’s the case for you, we’d love to be AtWork for YOU! Visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you!