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Have you been trying to determine if hiring seasonal help is right for your business? If you’re already wondering, that’s the first sign you may need to hire some seasonal employees. However, here’s three other signs that you should look for:


Your business has a busy season

This is the most obvious sign. Is there a certain time of year where everything is busier than usual? When your team is struggling with the amount of work, the first idea could be to hire one or more new employees. However, if the amount of business you experience is typically manageable for your current team until the busy season, then your answer may be hiring seasonal help instead of more long-term employees.


Work isn’t getting done

Even if your business has a busy season, you may not necessarily need any extra help. If your current team is able to complete the extra work, you may be able to make it through the season with no major issues. However, if at the end of the workday, there’s work that just doesn’t get done no matter how much you and your employees try, you may need to consider seasonal employees.


Employee morale is lower than usual

Your employees may be able to complete the extra workload during your busy season, but that doesn’t automatically mean you’re good to go. Keep an eye on your team. If you notice them becoming increasingly stressed or frustrated, you may need to consider hiring seasonal help. Your employees may be able to handle the workload, but if they’re unhappy or excessively stressed during the busy season, you risk having great employees quit.


If you think it’s time for your business to hire seasonal help, we’re AtWork for YOU and will help you find the employees you need. Visit atwork.com/locations to find an office near you.