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Eventually, the interview process must come to an end. Final interviews are often very much like previous interviews in that you may be speaking with some of the same contacts, asked a few of the same questions, etc. However, the final interview is also your last chance at making a great impression and walking away with the job. To make sure you do your best, follow these simple tips:

Don’t assume – Just because you’ve made it this far doesn’t mean you’re home free. In fact, now is the time to up your game and make sure that you truly understand the position and leave the impression with the interviewers that you’re the person for the job.

Be ready to meet the executive team – Depending on the size of the company, you may have already met some of its executive leadership team. However, for many mid to large companies, the final interview is where key company leadership gets to meet the candidate and form their opinions. Don’t let this stress you out though; speak confidently and answer any questions succinctly out of respect for their time.

Recall previous interviews – During the interview process you should be learning the ins and outs of the company. Be certain to ask questions regarding the company, the position, your growth path, etc. in order to build a treasure trove of knowledge that you may use in the final interview to come up with thoughtful questions or be able to answer interviewers intelligently.

Nail the basics – Don’t forget the basics just because this is the finish line. Appropriate dress, copies of your resume and references, a high level of enthusiasm and confidence, and a short list of insightful questions are just as necessary for this step as they were for the first.

Follow up – Following up after the final interview may be the most important step. Showing that you are enthusiastic and interested in the position, without seeming spammy and overwhelming is key. A quick post-interview email within 24 hours is advisable, as are weekly follow ups thereafter.

Though a lot can be riding on the final interview, there’s no need to stress. Take the advice above to heart and walk into the meeting confident that you can walk out with the job and, if you’re struggling to get off the ground and find the right opportunity, contact your local AtWork branch today!