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Leaving a job is never easy. Whether your position is full-time or temporary—and whether you love or hate it—announcing that you are ready to move on can be a tense time for both you and your employer. Resigning from a temporary position can add another layer of complexity as you deal with the agency you were placed by and the recruiting staff that found the position for you in the first place. However, though leaving a job can be a time when relationships fly off the rails and bridges are irreparably burned, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few quick tips to help you leave a temp job without hurting your chances at future opportunities.

First things first — When you’ve made the decision to leave a temp position, the very first person who should be notified is your recruiter. Recruiting professionals put a lot of time and energy into placing the right talent into the right positions. This means that not only do they have to start rethinking about where to potentially place you in the future, but also about filling the job you are vacating in order to keep a good relationship with the client.

Communication is key — How you leave a job is just as important as how you get it, so don’t just come in and abruptly announce that you are headed for the door. Rather, put together a simple, direct letter for your supervisors informing them of your intent and spelling out a timeline. Be sure to be thankful for the opportunity in order to ensure the chance at returning in the future, should you desire.

Follow through — As your time in the position winds down, be sure to complete all duties as if it were day 1 in order to continue to impress supervisors, again, just in case you have an opportunity to return into a more desirable position in the future.

Leaving a job doesn’t have to mean destroying future opportunities. If you’re pondering leaving a job, take the advice above to heart and, while you’re at it, see how AtWork can help you find a job you’ll love in an industry you can grow within. Visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near you today!