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In many ways, applying for a job with a temp agency such as AtWork is the same as applying for any other job. However, though the application process will include familiar elements, such as an interview that will help determine which positions you may be best suited for, the overall experience of working with the agency can be a little different since, typically, the agency will be working to match you with the job that best suits your skills and personality, vs. judging your compatibility with a single position. If you’re about to start the process of working with a temp agency, here are some things to expect during the process:

A broader ranging interview: Often, temp agencies are not just considering you for a single position. Rather, they are evaluating your skills, personality, and experience in order to match you to a job that will be a great fit. As such, the interview process may be a little longer and more in-depth than you have experienced in the past.

A more detailed evaluation: Much like the interview process, the skills evaluations required by a temp agency may be more detailed than you’ve seen in the past in order to place you into a job for which you will be well qualified. Evaluations may test your skills with a number of office software platforms, safety best practices and more.

Room for error: After a detailed evaluation and placement into a job things still just may not work out. Without the help of a temp agency this would normally be the end of the road, however with an agency you’ve got some wiggle room. Be honest with your recruiter about the highs and lows of the position in order to ensure that the next assignment will be an even better fit.

Though working with a temp agency is a little different than going it alone, it’s still a great way to find the job you want in an industry you love. If you’re on the hunt for a new position, give AtWork a call. Visit AtWork.com/locations to find the branch nearest to you, today!