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Take a moment and ask yourself a simple question: Do you love your job? Chances are that, even if you have a great career in an industry you feel passionate about, you probably still don’t love everything about your work. Whether it be a boss that gets under your skin, the pressure of constant deadlines, or some other stressor, it can be easy to become disenchanted. If you’re feeling like you need to reset and fall in love with your work all over again, here are a few tips:

Do something you are good at every day – Even if you’re not swooning over your job there’s a high likelihood that there are tasks that you absolutely knock out of the park each day. Try working on those projects during times when you may feel the least enthusiastic, such as after lunch or near the end of the day, when your energy is running low.

Don’t procrastinate – Procrastinating on any given task is just going to add stress down the line when you’re up against a much tougher deadline and other work is piling up. Eliminate this stress by effectively planning your day and staying on top of tasks as they are assigned to you.

Develop a positive relationship with your boss – You don’t have to be their best friend, but developing a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding is very important to long-term happiness. Take the time to get to know your boss’ style, their likes and dislikes, etc. and always be honest when speaking with them about how you feel about your role within the company and any individual projects you may have been assigned.

Bond with positive coworkers – Don’t stop at your boss. Find those people around the office who are optimists and seem happy in their work. Chances are that their enthusiasm will rub off on you!

Take small, physically active breaks throughout the day – Human beings are not robots. Therefore, take short, physically active breaks throughout the day to help reset your mind and keep your attitude positive. Simple walks around the office or some light stretching in your cubicle can work wonders!

It’s just a fact of life that we cannot be happy all of the time, however by utilizing the tips above you can increase your happiness in your current role. And, if you really just need a change of scenery, AtWork can help. Visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near you today!