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Today, more companies are spending time—and money—developing corporate cultures that are inclusive, cohesive, and, perhaps most importantly, productive. While it’s great to chat up core values and benefits packages, building a culture that will establish your company’s identity to clients and employees alike takes more than just jotting down some inspirational lines. If you’re in the midst of defining the vision that will carry your organization into the future, here are a few quick pieces of advice to help you along the way:

Hire for the culture you envision: Though, admittedly, the labor market is tight due to continued low unemployment, you should still look to add team members who both understand the company’s plans for the future and are sold on your vision for the corporate culture you are creating.

Include your employees: Speaking of employees, it is imperative that they be included in the discussions that will establish the company’s culture on some level, even if it’s just to gain feedback to ensure you’re on the right path.

Embrace diversity: The world has become a much more interconnected place than in years gone by (thanks, internet!), which is a good thing. Work to not only hire a more diverse team, but to embrace the diversity of the team you already have.

Encourage competition:  There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, so use it to help build a culture of maximum productivity. Simple items such as gamifying office tasks and projects and offering attractive incentives for top performers can be enough to get your team motivated to win!

Building a more cohesive and productive corporate culture takes time and dedication but can pay big dividends down the road when your entire team, and possibly even your extended network of clients and vendors, buy into the vision. However, it’s hard to develop a vision without a solid team to start and, if you’re looking for that next great hire, AtWork can help. Just visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near you and get started today!