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In today’s society, social media is connected to virtually every part of our lives. From connecting with friends to finding a recipe or even a job, modern Americans tend to turn to social first. As such, recruiters have long been using the major social media platforms to target right-fit talent and place them into jobs they love. If you’re a recruiter looking to dip your toes into the social media pool keep these simple do’s and don’ts in mind before you begin:

Do – Produce Relevant Content: Potential recruits will be following your corporate page (or will at least check it out during the recruitment process) so don’t fill it with information that is irrelevant or unengaging. Look to post content that both covers topics that are relevant to your business and are either interesting or provide value to the readers in some way in order to establish yourself as an industry leader to potential recruits and keep them engaging with your page longer!

Don’t – Start Recruiting Without a Strategy: This may seem obvious, but make sure that your social media recruiting efforts line up with your overall recruiting strategy. Don’t have a strategy? Take some time before you place your first ad to determine the type of talent you are looking for, why you need them, where you may find them, and what their interests may be in order to target content and ads as accurately as possible.

Do – Track Your Analytics: All major social media platforms provide robust analytical data covering your page and its fans and visitors. Closely monitor analytics to see which content is the most engaging, when your page is interacted with most frequently, and by whom in order to further refine your overall strategy for greater success.

Don’t – Fail to Create a Strong Corporate Social Presence: A post here and a like there won’t do it. Develop a content strategy that allows for multiple posts per week and take the time to make social media social by interacting with followers of your accounts. The more up to date and relevant your account feels, the stronger of a recruiting tool it will be.

Do – Interact Authentically: As mentioned above, take the time to make social media social and interact authentically with page followers and potential recruits. So much social content is automated these days that communications can feel stale and robotic. Read comments and private messages and make it a point to respond to each as soon as possible.

Social media is a powerful recruiting tool, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Use the advice above to get started and, if you’re needing a little help recruiting the best talent for your open positions, AtWork can help. Visit AtWork.com/locations to find a branch near yo