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As unemployment remains very low across the country, hiring the best talent is more important than ever. The availability of right fit talent has continued to decrease, making each hire even more strategically significant. As such, to ensure the best possible hires—and supplement their temporary and temp-to-hire workforces—savvy business leaders have begun to focus on their direct hire strategies. Here are three benefits that many have begun to realize:

An Expanded Candidate Pool: Many job seekers are likely to leave their current position for a direct hire job because they view it as more secure or permanent. This opens up your potential candidate pool to include not just those actively looking for work, but also passive candidates who may enjoy their current job but be looking for something more long term.

More Committed Employees: Candidates who are placed into a direct hire job often feel a better sense of place and stability in the company vs. a temporary or temp-to-hire position. They feel invested in up front, which leads to a sense of loyalty and a commitment to the company’s goals and objectives.

Benefits and Perks Work to Your Advantage: Technically, temporary and temp-to-hire employees are employed by a staffing firm. This means that they are only able to receive the benefits offered by the staffing firm, which may not be as robust and attractive as what your company offers. Take the time to incorporate the message of your benefits into your direct hire strategy to lure as many candidates, both active and passive, to your company as possible!

A well thought out direct hire strategy can be critically important to the long-term success of your business, and AtWork is here to help. Each day we help growing businesses across the country recruit and place the direct hire talent they are looking for. To get started visit AtWork.com/locations to find an AtWork near you!