We Offer:

Customized Job Fit Test

We thoroughly examine the characteristics of each candidate to have a firm understanding of how they would mesh within a company's culture.

DISC Personality Profile

We screen each of our candidates via a DISC Personality Profile in order to give clients a better idea of how candidates respond to challenges, influence others, how the respond to rules and procedures, and about their preferred pace of activity.

Soft Skills Interview

We take the time to interview candidates with questions designed to gather information about their communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem solving skills in addition to their creativity, worth ethic, attention to detail and more.

Pre-Employment Skills Testing

We eliminate bias and ensure a fair hiring process—as well as provide the best possible candidates to our clients—by skills testing our candidates during the hiring process.

Talent Lift Program

In partnership with Grant Cardone, we offer certification courses in sales, customer service, and management in order to ensure that our candidates bring the proper skills to their position!


I finally found a reason to want to be at work!!! Thank you for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. I love the new job!! Thank you, Nicole!!!
Ashley E.

AtWork is easy to work with. Unlike other internet job companies, the candidates show up and are prepared. We’ve placed three candidates with AtWork and we can count on them to send us good candidates.
Ryan R.




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Nicole Appel


Nicole Appel