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LevelUp is an educational program designed to provide free training to AtWork associates to help them learn new skills, find better jobs, and earn more money. Powered by Penn Foster—a leading online education and skills training provider—each LevelUp program is designed to help participants hone the specific skills they need in order to land a job, and a career, that they love. 


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LevelUp programs are offered online through Penn Foster’s mobile-friendly platform giving you the flexibility to learn on your own time.

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It’s our mission to be AtWork for You, our job seekers around the country, so LevelUp courses are offered for free to AtWork associates!

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The choice is yours. With LevelUp, you can learn on your schedule, meaning that you can be building the necessary skills for the career you want while still working.

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LevelUp offers numerous programs to help you train for some of today’s hottest jobs. Programs are offered at various skill levels ranging from intro courses to specialized trade programs. 

LevelUp offers six programs to help you train for some of today’s hottest jobs. Programs are offered at various skill levels ranging from intro courses to specialized trade programs. Enroll below to get started and learn more.
  • Production Basics – 83517105

    This course is an introduction to the various kinds of tools and equipment you'll commonly see in any industrial workplace or production center. You’ll learn the basics before moving into more advanced material such as electronic drilling, specialized precision measurement tools, the production process, and the materials selection process. Enroll in this course if you’re interested in learning the foundational skills you’ll need to take the first step toward a career as an industrial worker.

    Click HERE to enroll in this course!

  • Safety – 83017105

    This course is designed to help industrial workers to learn the foundational safety principles that one would need to know in order to begin a career as an industrial worker. The course covers basic safety principles and accident prevention techniques, fire safety methods, the use of personal protective equipment, and many other safety methods to help you understand how to operate safely in a variety of conditions and environments.

    Click HERE to enroll in this course!

  • Blueprint Reading – 83117105

    This course is designed to help you learn the fundamental skills needed to interpret blueprints and schematics in a variety of environments. You’ll begin by learning the basics of print reading before expanding into specific types of prints and schematics such as shop prints, electrical schematics and electrical blueprints. You’ll learn how to draw diagrams and interpret working drawings, symbols, notes and specification. This knowledge will help you develop the ability to identify various material requirements of manufacturing parts and the procedures involved in making the components themselves.

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  • Administrative Assistant – 84517105

    This course is an introduction to many of the foundational skills that are necessary for working in an office environment as an Administrative Assistant. You’ll learn the basics of the job, focus on time management, workplace communication skills, filing and records management, bookkeeping, and the various technologies you’ll encounter in the ever-changing modern workplace. Enroll in this course to take a meaningful first step toward a rewarding career as an Administrative Assistant.

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  • MS Office 84617105

    Dive deeper into the specific applications in the Microsoft Office suite to build a strong foundation of knowledge that’ll serve you for the rest of your career. Begin by learning the basics of Microsoft Word to create and edit text documents, Microsoft Excel to organize and format data, and Microsoft PowerPoint to create and deliver slide show presentations. Once you’ve learned these fundamental skills, you’ll tie it all together by testing the skills you’ve learned in a computer applications project.

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  • Workforce Readiness 83317105

    This course teaches the various soft skills that you’ll need to carry yourself in a professional manner in the workplace. You’ll learn personal skills to help build the qualities that employers look for in their employees, people skills to help you interact positively and overcome communication barriers with your colleagues, and workplace skills to help you manage your time, make decisions, and solve problems.

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  • How do I become eligible for LevelUp?

    All current AtWork employees are eligible to participate in the LevelUp program, no matter how much time you have worked!

  • How do I enroll?

    Easy! Click HERE to access the application form. You will be asked for basic registration information such as your address, contact info, date of birth and programs of choice.

  • How much does it cost?

    Absolutely nothing! All AtWork associates are eligible to take any of the exciting course offerings!

  • What happens when I am accepted?

    Upon being accepted into the LevelUp program you will receive a welcome email with your login details including your student ID and a link to the Penn Foster student portal.

  • How do I access the courses?

    All course content is delivered through the Penn Foster student portal. Once you have logged in for the first time you may see the courses in your program by clicking on “Programs and Courses” in the left navigation bar, or you may start directly by clicking “Start” in your home dashboard.

  • How do I take exams?

    All exams are administered through the student portal.

  • How long does it take to complete a program?

    As with any online learning experience, the estimated length of time to complete LevelUp programs will vary based upon the program level and skills taught. Many introductory classes range in length from 22 to 160 hours, however, many specialized trade courses may take up to 900 hours. Additionally, LevelUp programs are self-paced so the amount of time to complete may also vary from student to student.

  • Can I take more than one program at a time?

    Though you may enroll in more than one program at a time it is highly recommended that students focus on a single program until completion in order to fully learn the skills taught in the program.

  • As a student, what kind of support may I expect?

    Penn Foster offers support to associates enrolled in LevelUp in a variety of ways. Upon enrollment, each associate will be assigned a Penn Foster Success Coach who will welcome you to the program and serve as your dedicated point of contact. Additionally, you will gain access to:


    • Penn Foster instructors to assist with academic and course related questions.
    • Motivational support, study tips, and reminders sent via email.
    • Online chat and SMS texting with a dedicated support team.


    You may also contact Penn Foster directly for support at 800-281-2863.

  • Are there any technology specifications that I need to worry about?

    We suggest that you utilize an up-to-date version of Google Chrome running on Windows 7 or later, an Apple computer running on OS X or later or on a Google Chromebook. You may also access materials on your mobile device via the Google Chrome app.